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Linda Mister

Linda Mister

817-313-1278 (Mobile)
Consistently listed among the highest ranked mortgage originators in the nation, Linda Mister Owens is committed to assisting her borrowers in obtaining the best mortgage financing solutions for them. The key to her success has always been to treat every buyer like they are her first priority, close loans on time or earlier--without surprises--and continue to stay in contact after closing.

Supported by the strength and stability of SWBC, along with our in-house processing, underwriting, and funding, Linda can deliver an even higher level of premium service than she has provided to thousands of borrowers over the past three decades.

If you, your friends, or family members need to purchase a home or refinance, call us. With SWBC's great rates and programs, we provide home financing for most every need and can be your first choice for professional, reliable service.